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independent from/of sth(countries),指独立的,自主的(国家或是机构) independent of(sb/sth),指不受影响的,无关联的,自主的,有主见的 例子:It was important to me to be financially independent of my parents. 也就是说,independent of...

independent of 不依赖…,独立于...,不受...支配的,强调状态,处在独立的状态中。 例:The seasons change,independent of anyone's wishes.四季变化不受任何人约束. independent from 从...中独立出来,与...无关,强调行为动作。 例:So I ho...

OF 1 独立于- - - , 不依赖- - - - 2 独自,与- - - 没有关联

Your questions should be independent of each other... 你的问题应该彼此无关。 We're going independent from the university and setting up our own group... 我们马上就将从大学分离出去,成立我们自己的团体。

He hasn't been away from home before.

Nowadays, there is a growing concern over such a phenomenon, that is, some parents take care of almost everything concerned with their children, including study, work, marriage. Some parents believe that this is love, however, ...

be independent of 独立 be dependent on 依赖

1..At present,parents are willing do anything for their children,such as the arrangements for study,jobs,marriage and even the future.they think, only in this way can they guarantee their chidren's happiness as they have progra...

be independent of 不依赖…;不受…支配;独立于…之外

be independent of

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